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Vission, Mission, Aims



To become a leading and superior higher education institution in the creative industry by 2025.


  • Build and develop human resources who are creative, innovative, competitive, and have a noble character and have a national perspective.
  • Create educational programs in the creative industry based on production and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop, apply, and disseminate technology in the creative industry based on the needs of society, business and industry.


  • Produce graduates who are competent, creative, innovative, competitive, and have an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Hold Vocational Education programs at the diploma, applied bachelor, applied master, and applied doctorate levels;
  • Hold skills programs and competency certification in the creative industry;
  • Produce HR with high achievement and integrity; and
  • Create an academic climate to encourage talent, interest and creativity in order to support the development of the creative industry.