Technical Implementation Unit


This unit provides library material in the form of reference books, magazines, newspapers, journals or final project reports. Its services include membership and circulation, journals and newspapers, library material processing and digital library.


This unit carries out the task of developing information systems, applying information technology systems, processing data and information systems, and providing data and information services.

Printing and Publishing

This unit is a business incubation center whose role is to serve requests for the publication of books, magazines, modules, and various other types of publications.


Design and Advertising

This unit is a business incubation center that serves to channel student talent in the practice of designing various products and services in creative fields such as logo design, publication media design, advertising design, interactive multimedia design, and others.


It was specifically formed to certify student competencies in the creative industry. This is done to ensure a link and match between the competence of graduates and the demands of the creative industries. Further information can be accessed via